View Full Version : special price - 32 channels VoIP/PRI GSM Gateway avalaible now!

01-21-2009, 06:58 AM
Need eqipment for traffic termination or origination ?

My offer:

32 channels VoIP/E1 GSM Gateway. 32/2 splitter, 2 Yagi antennas

High ASR
High reliability and quality
High number of Simcards per channel (4 - 8)
Terminating over 700.000 minutes/month
Module modification
SMS sending/receiving, Callback function, remote control

Thanks to smart LCR technology usefull for Call Centers making calls to GSM network = SAVE ON CALL COSTS !!!! Very fast return of investment.

If Ive interested you feel free to contact me on:

Stepan Gergel