View Full Version : VPN Pc2Phone & Voip Tunnel for UEA, Oman, Yemen

12-09-2007, 04:23 AM
We are looking for Resellers in your country to sell Phone card.
We provide VPN Pc2Phone & callshop service for SIP device like : Linksys, Sipura, Grandstream and also gateway.
Our Service working well in UAE, Qatar , Yemen, Bahrain and Oman (just test it)
We offer free reseller account to test our service, our reseller can :
1- You can set your own Rates, and determine your own Profit
2- Create accounts for SIP device and PC to phone
3- CDR to view call history
4- Repport to check your profit
5- free VPN PC To phone dialer
6- Voip Tunnel for blocked SIP devices.
7- You can set unlimited sub reseller
8- Aggressive wholesale Rates
If you are interested send your request to :
e-mail : sales@phone2voip.net
MSN : telecom_voip@hotmail.com
URL : www.phone2voip.net
Best regards