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10-29-2008, 04:04 PM

Everyone Welcome to our new company callingcardz.net , we are a high tech ingrowing callin cards provider. you can visit our website at Calling Cardz - Superb Products , we are still updating rates etc , but if you are in the USA and you want to make call to anywhere in the world , we have 2 accsess numbers as for now and more to come . you go to

Calling Cardz - Superb Products , sign up , purchase your PIN , after a few mins a PIN will be emailed to you , you call accsess number and you will get the highest voice quality and cheapest price , if you have questions about the rates etc , please contact us .

Try it , you will love it.

P.S our website is still updating that's why we don't have the rates on yet but any question about any country , please contact us .

We are advance merchant group verfied for your safe credit card transactions , lowest is $5 highest is $50.

Try the service with as low as $5 and make your call from the USA to anywhere in the world using your home phone , cell phone .

Please contact us for any questions ,