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08-08-2008, 12:32 PM
On behalf of innovative solution for mobiles to be launched soon we are looking for potential partners from various countries including
(but not limited to):

Whom we look for:
1.individuals or companies with expert level knowledge in local telecomm market (incl. VoIP and mobile termination), tariffs and local telecomm law
2.wholesale suppliers of local prepaid SIM cards and its top-up's
3.local companies with abilities to start/run business and :
- segment targets of local market supported with prepared general detailed model to be supplemented and adjusted to local conditions
- identify potential local sales partners and appropriate sales channels for segmented targets supported with prepared general model to be supplemented and adjusted to local conditions,
- arrange and run/manage sales network, including active sales agents (resellers)
- arrange and run/manage distribution and logistics for given segments
- arrange and run/manage local marketing campaign adjusted to segmented targets - supported with prepared general model to be supplemented and adjusted to local conditions

Key sales points (not to mention obvious huge economic savings) :
UBIQUITY of potential customers

Huge potential of a lot of new sales channels.
Ideal for VoIP/CallingCards agents with existing customer base.

Being prepaid the whole business is financially very safe.

Solution consists of three integrated services, which cover whole value chain of mobile international voice communication, and can be used in any combination:

domestic service - intl calls from home country
FollowMe 2.0 - provides local home country access number to follow you while
being abroad (receive calls even in hotels when need connect
thru human operator)
Roaming 2.0 - local and intl calls while abroad alternative roaming solution

Common features and principles of above services:
* no change in natural/daily calling habits:
choose name from native mobile phonebook and press Call button
* work on every network and on any handset (no smartphone needed):
no need to change handset, no need to change operator
* instant start (registration) and use, easy and instant sale:
no PC with internet, no download needed
* operations possible in almost any country in relatively short time

If interested, please advice your contact and selection of interest

mobile: +48 790 012 112