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08-07-2008, 03:50 AM
2 Port VOIP Gateway
We manufacturing VOIP gatewway, the function as below ;
1. Support SIP RFC3261
2. 1 WAN,1 LAN,4 FXS Ports for 4 Phones
3. CodecG.711A/u,G.7231 high/low,G.729
4. Echo cancellationSupport G.168
5. Support Voice Gain Setting, Jitter Buffer,VAD,CNG
6. NAT transversesupport STUN client, Citron, AVS
7. SIP support SIP domain,SIP authentication (none,basic, MD5),DNS name of server, Peer to Peer
8. SIP support dual public server
9. DTMFSupport SIP info,DTMF Relay,RFC2833
10. SIP application: support Call forward/transfer/holding/waiting
11. Call control features:
12. Flexible dial map support Hotline
13. Empty calling No. reject service
14. Black list for reject authenticated call
15. No disturb
16. Caller ID
17. Support T.38 Fax

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