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06-05-2008, 11:53 PM
Bypass VoIP Blockade by customized Softphone/Dialer

You Brand your Logo, No time limited, Running forever.


The award-winning VoiceGuard™ Client SDK is powerful and highly versatile programming kit that forms basis of widely used VGSC, designed to incorporate voip anti-blocking capability into existing legacy softphone and dialer running on Windows. It includes all the components developers require including an entire VGSC GUI application source code that demonstrate efficient API usage, and detailed document. The SDK is an IETF standard compliant, and provides high performance API layer for full user control and flexibility.

The VoiceGuard™ Softphone SDK is unique member of VoiceGuard™ family of VoIP anti-blocking solution, designed to dramatically accelerate development of softphone or dialer with necessary bypassing VoIP blocking imposed by ISP.

Products developed with toolkit include:

Session Border Controllers
IM Client

Key Benefits

Seamless Integration with Legacy Softphone or Dialer
Minimal Overhead and High Call Quality
Easy to Use and Cost-effective
Flexible Scalability
Highly Interoperabile with any Third-party Products and Services
Own Unique Brand or Logo Presentation
Unlimited Call Number and Free Deployment
Royalty-free License Scheme
Freely available VGPlugin Lite(50 calls) included


High Throughput Packet Dispatching Engine
Flexible Encryption/Decryption Algorithm other than usual XOR and Diffthan
Support for Adaption to NAT/FW Traversal
Kernel Level Underlying Layer 2 NDIS Compliant Driver
Clear Modular Building Block and Simple to Use API
Scalable Policy Driven Scenario for Circumventing ISP Blocking
No any Impact on existing Softphone or Dialer Action
Extensive Support for the latest SIP and RTP standards
Widely Used Audio Codec Support
Intuitive Call Trace and Log Mechanism
Proprietary Bug Free Memory Management Framework
Multi-thread Safety


Packet Dispatching Engine for High Efficiency Packet Delivery
Policy Manager for Driving Encryption/Decryption
Hash Queue List and Timer for Core Data Structure
Executive Machine for Call Control
Configuration and Statistics
Packet Identification and Analysis
Utility for OS Abstraction
API Wrapper

For more info, pls refer to
VoiceGuard™ Client SDK - VoIP Blocking, VPN, Encryption, SIP Adapter, ATA, Gateway (http://www.speed-voip.com/vgclientsdk.html)

MSN: svoipsales@hotmail.com
Homepage: SpeedVoIP - VoIP Blocking, VPN, Encryption, SIP Adapter, ATA, Gateway (http://www.speed-voip.com)

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