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07-29-2009, 06:17 AM
Porta One, Porta One, Porta One, Porta One, Porta One, Porta One, Porta One, Porta One, Porta One, PortaOne, Porta One, Porta One, Porta One, Porta One.

ICC Networks are a “Carrier Free Core Network Services Provider” we are also a PortaOne ASP (Application Server Provider) and offer the PortaOne Switch as a hosted solution.

The ICC PortaOne ASP Model allows customers a low-cost, risk-free point of entry to the complete range of PortaOne services, while offering an attractive form of additional revenue to license holders. With a hosted PortaSwitch, Virtual ITSP Operators can enjoy the full benefits of a carrier level Softswitch (advanced routing, billing and monitoring functions via a multilingual web interface, etc.), without the need to purchase and maintain sophisticated equipment. ICC hosts the entire solution on your behalf and provides technical and engineering support directory to your team.

Leaving you to focus on your business !

For more technical and/or pricing information about our solutions the ASP model and any other enquiries please contact our sales team sales@iccnetworks.co.uk.

One of the great advantages of a hosted solution is that you can literally start your VoIP telephony business from nothing – there are no basic hardware requirements. Alternatively, the ICC PortaOne solution can integrate seamlessly into any industry-standard hardware you own or VoIP network you operate. For details on possible network features and structures, consult the ICC sales team.

As we are a “Carrier Free Core Networks Services Provider” our customers are free to use their preferred carriers for termination, create unlimited resellers and end users. All retail and wholesale VoIP products are supported such as PC2Phone, Device2Phone, Callback Services, Call Shops, Calling Cards and many more.

ICC also operates a full VPN service with a brand-able windows client.

About ICC Networks:

ICC Networks - The Carrier Neutral Network Provider!

ICC Networks is a leading provider of direct and outsourced IP communications solutions and has developed a cost effective and streamlined approach to the global VoIP market.

We serve and support the business community directly and the home market through white branded partner services, we currently operate a global network and have a strong presence in Europe and Asia.

Value added services include termination services, both inbound and outbound and our wholesale product set includes global DDIs and wholesale voice termination (including niche and complex routes) at outstanding quality and price. ICC has a database of non-geographic and premium rate numbers for most countries and interconnect services for international operators outside of the UK with a focus on those outside the GMT Time Zone.

We differentiate ourselves from other wholesalers with integrated turnkey solutions, which enable our partners to deliver profitable, real-time VoIP services to their customers. Our partners benefit from increased speed to market, maximised margins and reduced capital investment and operational expenditure.

Our direct business product portfolio includes IP Voice, IP PBX Connect, Virtual VoIP and VoIP hardware.

All our customers and partners can all benefit from a competitive cost of deployment and a strong return on investment. ICC Networks uses a variety of VoIP business models allowing our customers to offer customised billing features and access to customer management systems which exploit the growing potential of the VoIP market.
For further info on ICC Networks and PortaOne – please look at the following press release:

VoIP Core Services Provider ICC Networks Gains Ability To Tailor Billing/Service Offerings Via PortaSwitch (http://www.portaone.com/news/news_detail.php?ID=1614)

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