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04-14-2008, 04:54 PM
EZCall24x7 Offers Virtual Calling Cards for the Home, Cell phones, Business & More

International & Domestic Phone Online Calling Cards at low prices

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Since 1995 EZ Call Phone Calling Cards Guarantee:
Save you up to 95% on Domestic & International calls
Highest quality of connections
Superior Customer service support
Online Account Management.

Itís Simple Hereís How It Works

Your EZ Call 24x7 account is a virtual phone card. We link your phone number (home, cell or business - your choice!) directly to our switches. This keeps our costs low and we pass the savings on to you. It is honest and straightforward. You are only charged for the minutes you use (pay as you go)

EZ Call 247 ensures that quality is never compromised.
We offer a complete money back guarantee. No questions asked.

EZ Call 247.com Phone Calling Cards:
Retail Quality at Wholesale Prices
Buy Securely and Get PINs Instantly online

EZ Call 247.com - The Best source for Phone Calling Cards

EZ Call Phone Calling Cards lets you make calls without ever entering a PIN number.
Buy Securely and Get a PIN Instantly online
Our Phone Calling Cards are 100% Guaranteed!

EZ Call 24x7 is the new advanced International calling technology.
Use EZ Call 24x7 from your cell phone, home phone, business phone...any phone!

Plus, EZ Call 24x7 works with any cell phone and with any cell provider.
You'll save up to 95% on international & Domestic phone calls.

1) Call the EZ Call 24x7 access number from your phone.
2) Enter the international or domestic number you want to call.
3) EZ Call 24x7 quickly connects you.
4) You save Money

Our Phone Calling Card products are 100% Guaranteed!
If you are not satisfied with our service for any reason,
we will refund all funds in your account. No questions asked!

You don't need a special PIN number! EZ Call 24x7's switches automatically recognize your number.
There are no connection charges!
You are only charged for the minutes you use!
There are no contracts!

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