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04-08-2008, 12:43 PM
MLC Solutions Inc,Mississauga,Canada is a supplier of computer telephony integration (CTI) and prepaid calling card solutions.
Calling cards are a highly profitable service, but only if Maintenance costs are low. Mlc solutions,Mississauga,Canada currently supports global call Termination with origination currently from USA and Canada. As a ready-to-go program, Mlc Solutions Inc calling Card platform can be faster and easier to implement than creating the service yourself.

Your customers will enjoy competitive rates and the convenience of a single card for cost control and tracking.mlc solutions inc capabilities for fraud detection can reduce security problems and uncollectible charges.

Here are the Minimum costs involved to Own/Lease switches and servers.

Initial costs/Monthly costs To have your own network/equipment/servers.
One switch costs -- 5000$ (4T1/E1 Switch-- 96 simultaneous calls on 4T1/120
calls on 4E1) - One Time cost

If you want have your own Billing server 1500$(supports upto three switches) to 5000$-One Time cost

Web Server: 1000$ to 3000$-One Time cost

Installation and Maintenance of the Network cost - 500$/Month

MLC SOLUTIONS INC will take care of Maintenance,Monitoring and setup
the platform,Colo Fees,Bandwidth fees etc ,providing reports,Assist you in every aspect of your business related to calling cards, Switches, Billing server etc.Basically Mlc Solutions Inc will be providing you Telecom consulting services.
All you need to do is get your inbound carrier and termination carriers.
You can get your own carriers for termination or Mlc Solutions Inc can refer you a carrier , Mlc Solutions will send the A to Z price if you are interested to know the Approximate Wholesale Termination Rates .

Colo space Rent with Bandwidth/Month- You need to find out at place where
you want to colocate your equipment incase if you want to buy these switches
without leasing. Or You can have shared colo in La Downtown where all the carriers are located or at Front street,Toronto.

Monthly Minimum costs if you want to Rent/lease
Maintenance of the Network cost including switches,servers,bandwidth - 1/4 cent/Minute with a minimum of 500$/month .
Mlc Solutions Inc will Provide the switches.
Mlc Solutions Inc will take care of Colo Expenses, Bandwidth Expenses.
All you need to do is get your inbound carrier(TOLL FREE and Local Access
Numbers for origination) and termination carriers. Mlc Solutions Inc can refer the carriers if you need.
You can get your own carriers for termination or Mlc Solutions Inc can refer you a carrier , Mlc Solutions Inc will send the A to Z price if you are interested.
For Termination carrier- It will vary Based on Usage and rates.The more
volume you have the more good rates we get. and as the volume increases all
the other rates decreases.

All You need to do is
1)Register a company Inc or LLC.
2) Apply for Inbound T1 for origination(Example : from XO,Tcast,Rogers,Telus etc ,They take
1500$ Deposit for the T1 And They will Bill you weekly based on Usage), They
give both Inbound and termination also(They will provide the Toll Free
numbers and Local Access numbers For USA). or you can apply from any other
carrier like Qwest, MCI, AT & T or some other Carrier .
3) Contracts with Termination Carriers( you may also use the Inbound
Origination Carrier for Termination If they Give you good Termination rates
to your Countries of Interest)

Your fixed expense will be 500$/Month + Bills from Origination and
termination Carriers Based on the Volume of the Minutes.

Using the Web Interface that Mlc Solutions Inc provide, you will be Managing, Monitoring and creating your own branded calling cards,Rates, Fees ,Activations,Deactivations,Recharge,Reports etc

Please let us know your exact requirements so that We can send you more
details. Mlc Solutions Inc can get the network up very quickly and will assist you in every aspect of your business. If you want to discuss more or for Demo Please feel free to email us at rmanne@telecentralinc.com or at info@mlcsol.com .

Some of the Standard Features which comes with our VOIP soft Switch Includes:(All the features will be on your web interface if you own or lease)
Create your own Calling Cards
Calling Number Authentication
Handle Multiple Agents
Handle Multiple Brands
Create multiple rate sheets
Record your Own IVR's(If you have more volume so that Mlc Solutions Inc can dedicate one switch for you)

- ASR Reports
- Fully customizable invoice Report
- Comprehensive Call History reports
- Commission Report
- Revenue Report
- Export Report to Excel format
Access your reports from anywhere, anytime
Generate prepaid, postpaid, ANI based accounts/PIN
Web based accounts activation and recharge
Add ANI to the accounts
Charge Maintenance, Disconnect,Activation Fees and other types of fees.
Expire cards X days after first date of use
Allow multiple ANI users for each Account
Allow End-Users to recharge their Accounts online
Agent/Reseller provisioning and Management

Every thing can be maintained thru WEB which Includes creating calling
cards, pins,setting face value of card,setting up different types of
fees,setting up rates for different types of cards and countries,Recharging, ANI service,Customized Reports etc.

For a reasonable fees Mlc Solutions Inc will also Create your own website where you can sell and recharge the calling cards online,ani services to your end customers

Another option: You can just use our existing system and our existing
carriers and sell your own branded calling cards on your website or you can
print and sell them thru retailers,distributors,agents etc. In this option
too you will get all the features that are described above.
here Mlc Solutions Inc can work on percentage basis. You can start with 500$ deposit and you can pay as you go.